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Welcome To The Talent Learning Center

Overall development of personality happens when student is allowed to learn in creative free flowing environment. Structured education techniques have been found to be less than optimal. Only few may benefit from the structured class room instructions. Cognitive learning techniques sharpen the brain and mind to acquire, analyze and retain the knowledge. Our programs are designed to train the students through cognitive learning techniques and brain/mind development processes.

Brain teasing games, creative and performing arts programs and pleasant environment of interactions in group activities are the ways we train our students to perform to their fullest potential. Meditation and prescribed breathing exercises train the mind/brain to remain focused at one single point.

One to One tutoring of students in after school programs utilizes above techniques. Maths, Science, Reading and Computer Literacy are some of the subjects in our personal tutoring program. Our tutors are experienced professionals with training in cognitive learning.

Contact us with brief background and special needs, for a personal interview.

Our Mission:

To train and educate children of all ages in most natural creative ways, for the brain and the mind to reach the full potential of learning.
Our Ways:

Utilize the Cognitive Brain Development knowledge to train the brain/mind to sharpen the skills most naturally.
Provide pleasant and creative environment, for the brain to acquire, analyze and retain knowledge information most optimally.
Train to develop the creative and performing arts potential to the fullest.
To train the brain/mind and senses through leisurely brain teaser games.
Teaching the students on one to one basis, utilizing Cognitive Learning Processes.

Our Goal:

Each student should reach the full potential of personality development.

Join us in our mission and goal achievement process. Parents and Students can contact us with their special needs.